I make ceramic sculpture, installation and pottery from my studio in Richfield, MN.  I'm working towards self-sufficiency and honesty in my work and in my life. I have a couple of cats, spend a lot of time digging around in my gardens and can't wait to own a big piece of land someday. I work alongside my super talented husband, Ivan Trushin of Trushin Studios. We keep each other in check day to day, leaning on each other for creative advice and reminding each other to stay light. Making my life as an artist is how I am learning to explain the world to myself each day.

I’d like my work to show people something that I innately understand about the world: the presence of a subtle, elusory place that exists between fear and beauty. It is here in this place I choose to create, where fear and beauty exist best together, where they are inextricably entwined. In order to chase this feeling, I am constantly distilling the landscape around me-collecting a patchwork of lines, shapes, textures and patterns-and making objects that reflect them and what they do to my imagination. I see these vignettes as a voice for the ingenuity and the inadequacy of humans. By continuing to rebuild, patch, repair, add on to and reinvent our world, we are simultaneously creating and destroying it’s fragility; we are dependent upon, intimidated by and in total awe of it’s grand possibility. 



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